Every product must first and foremost be a solution to a need. It is the natural consequence of an approach that is never coincidental. Needs assessment, understanding customer’s demand, definition of the timeframe, project development. The perfect mix between technical expertise and customer-oriented philosophy, to build a solid relationship with our clients. All key elements to deliver products that have to meet the highest standards.

Our products come from these principles. Each solution is tailor-made. Nevertheless, all our compressors share the following distinctive features:

Plug and Play

All Adicomp compressors are designed and made to maximise ease of installation. No special operations are required, except for installation on site and an electricity and gas supply. Everything is already set up in the company and, thanks to the commissioning service, you can finetune the operation of the package on site.

Energy savings, flow control, slide valve

At Adicomp we keep an eye on energy savings and our compressors are designed to adapt to the flow of gas, which usually is not constant. To do this, our packages can be fitted with inverters, by-pass elements and a slide valve.

Heat recovery

About 80% of the heat generated by a screw compressor can be recovered and used to reduce overall energy costs and thereby power various utilities. How? Thanks to dedicated oil/ water or gas/water heat exchangers connected to the water supply on site.







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