As the world continues to grow and evolve, it is critically important to utilize our finite resources as efficiently as possible. By embracing the principles of the circular economy and producing responsibly, waste becomes a resource and, is given new life thanks to the regenerative energy. By striving to create a greener and more sustainable world, Adicomp is proud to be an important member in developing compression solutions that integrate renewable gases, such as biogas, RNG, natural gas, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, into everyday life.

Biogas upgrading

Biogas plays a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and is a great example of how to implement the circular economy. Adicomp provides a complete ‘plug & play’ package that compresses and delivers biogas with characteristics and qualities that meet the requirements of upgrading systems and the regulations in force in each country.

RNG grid injection

RNG generated via the upgrading process is chemically comparable to natural gas. The fact that it can be used in the same applications and can take advantage of existing infrastructures makes it an attractive alternative from an economic and environmental perspective.

CO2 recovery

In accordance with the latest national and international regulations, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere should be reduced as much as possible. Adicomp provides a complete ‘plug & play’ package that compresses and delivers carbon dioxide with characteristics and qualities that meet the requirements of various applications.

Hydrogen & Syngas

Recently, is being more discussed how hydrogen can be used as a renewable and/or low-carbon energy source in applications like food industry, metal processing and production, power generation, pharmaceuticals and electronics. Adicomp designs and creates a complete ‘plug & play’ package after studying and selecting suitable materials and technologies to compress this particular type of gas.

Power generation
(Turbines feeding)

In the turbine sector, Adicomp offers various solutions that enable gases of various origins to be used to generate electrical and thermal energy. Gas can be both natural and renewable (e.g. biogas/RNG from anaerobic digestion, storage of solid urban waste, wastewater treatment).

Power generation (Microturbines feeding)

As for turbines, natural gas or gas from renewable sources can also be used to feed microturbines for generating electrical or thermal energy or for cogeneration. The Adicomp packages provide microturbines with compressed and treated gas at the right temperature to optimise their operation and therefore maximise productivity.

Power generation
(Gas engines feeding)

Engines used to generate electrical and thermal energy can be powered by both natural gas and gas from renewable sources, such as biogas. Adicomp is able to provide the best solution according to the pressures and quality required

Wellhead gas

Mature gas wells can be found all over the world, and many of them are closed down and abandoned because the pressure at the wellhead is too poor for an efficient gas recovery. The use of a wellhead gas compressor allows mature wells to continue production while significantly extending their working life.

Instrument air and nitrogen generators

Adicomp is able to design and manufacture highly customized instrument air compressor packages (according to API619 with some minor deviations), adsorption air dryer and nitrogen generation packages (PSA or membranes) for oil&gas applications (offshore and onshore) suitable also for ATEX classified zone.

Industrial air

The constant search for new solutions and the focus on continuous improvement have led Adicomp to develop the Onair project, a new brand entirely dedicated to compressed air. The portfolio includes oil-injected screw compressors, piston compressors, single-stage high-pressure screw compressors and an innovative range of water injected compressor to produce oil-free class 0 compressed air.

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