Remote support

We offer a hotline service during holidays to support customers in the resolution of any issues. The service does not envisage urgent on-site interventions, but only the possibility of receiving assistance over the phone and remotely connecting to the compressor’s PLC.

Activation of the ASK! function is required to use the service.

ASK! What is it? 

ASK! is the remote control system developed by Adicomp that makes it possible to monitor the compressor’s operation at all times, while comfortably seated before a PC. 

Thanks to ASK! it is possible:

  • to foresee the maintenance intervention
  • to reduce inefficiencies
  • to reduce the cost of on-site interventions and system management

The platform guarantees:

  • Full autonomy: the service can be activated with any PC network and with all Internet Providers;
  • Protection and safety: the information collected is archived in Xeo4 servers, which are protected by more than one protection levels and which use SSL technology to only grant access to authorised users;
  • Reduction of costs: ASK! guarantees “always-on” monitoring with costs that are much lower than those of traditional data transmission methods;
  • Effective communication: The software’s architecture maintains a permanent, two-way, and simultaneous connection between the central server and the remote stations.

Other advantages:

  • Seeing all instruments installed on the compressor in real time
  • Receiving notifications when a value deviates from the optimal range
  • Receiving notifications as soon as an instrument reaches an alarm threshold
  • Seeing, through a standard or customised dashboard, the fundamental data of a system
  • Viewing, analysing, and comparing data within a set range by means of trend reports

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