Maintenance and Interventions

Start-up Commissioning:
Our team of field service engineers travels around the world to respond to customers’ needs, and can commission up to 5 systems per week.

Advantages for customers who opt for our commissioning:
• Possibility of modifying the software
• Remote monitoring of compressor performance

Maintenance operations
Our service department is at our customers’ disposal for both scheduled maintenance operations, as envisaged by the compressor’s technical manual, and extraordinary maintenance operations, in case of failure or malfunction.

Overhauling of the pumping unit
At our Italian site we offer an overhaul service for screw air-ends in order to optimise the compressor’s performance. During this activity, all components of the pumping unit are disassembled and cleaned; we check their wear and tear and, if needed, replace them before re-assembly and the final tests.

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