CO2 COMPRESSOR UVG90 LOCATION: ITALYFLUID: CO2POWER INSTALLED: 150 hpINLET PRESSURE: 14,5 psi(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 217,6 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<204<331 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -4/+104 °F Screw biogas compressor for CO2 destined for the Italian market. Designed for installation in safe area outdoors. It is air-cooled and equipped with heat recovery, temperature control, fine filtration and controlled by… Continue reading UVG90-Italy

SSG series

SSG series These wet or dry gas compression and treatment stations are designed into an easy handling skid composed of a two stage oil-injected rotary gas screw block, directly coupled to an electric motor through a flexible coupling inverter controlled. Adicomp is pleased to announce that it has developed and produced, together with its parent… Continue reading SSG series


CO2 COMPRESSOR VG200 LOCATION: KazakistanFLUID: CO2POWER INSTALLED: 300 hpINLET PRESSURE: 2,6 psi(g)MAXIMUM OPERATING PRESSURE: 101,5 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<1869 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +37,4/+104 °F Two screw compressors for carbon dioxide application for the chemical industry. The compressors are water-cooled and installed indoors.

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