NATURAL GAS COMPRESSOR VG55 LOCATION: GERMANYFLUID: Natural gasPOWER INSTALLED: 100 hpINLET PRESSURE: 2,5 psi(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 213 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<174 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: 14/+104 °F Screw compressor for natural gas located in Germany. Designed for classified Atex Zone 2 for outdoor installation. It is air cooled and completed with fine filtration, electromechanical by-pass system and… Continue reading VG55-Germany

BVG132/VG75- Latvia

BIOGAS COMPRESSORS / RNG GRID INJECTION BVG132/ VG75 2x BVG 132   LOCATION: LATVIAFLUID: Biogas    POWER INSTALLED: 200 hp (x2)INLET PRESSURE: 4,4 psi(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 116 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<374<698 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +37,4/+104 °F VG 75 LOCATION: LATVIAFLUID: Biomethane  POWER INSTALLED: 125 hpINLET PRESSURE: 79,8 psi(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 246,6 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<389<779 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +37,4/+104 °F   A complete automatic solution for biogas upgrading and biomethane grid injection consisting… Continue reading BVG132/VG75- Latvia


BIOMETHANE COMPRESSOR VG75 LOCATION: FRANCEFLUID: BiomethanePOWER INSTALLED: 125 HpINLET PRESSURE: 725 psi(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 203 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<142<283 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -4/+104 °F Screw compressor for biomethane located in France. Designed for classified Atex Zone 2 for outdoor installation. Water-cooled, completed with temperature control, fine filtration and controlled by PLC. It is equipped with silencers for reducing the noise level to… Continue reading VG75-France


BIOGAS COMPRESSORS / RNG GRID INJECTION UVG315/ VG250 2x UVG 315   LOCATION: SPAINFLUID: Biogas    POWER INSTALLED: 550 hp (x2)INLET PRESSURE: 0,73 psi(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 217,5 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<1153<2305 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +14/+104 °F VG 250 LOCATION: SPAINFLUID: Biomethane  POWER INSTALLED: 430 hpINLET PRESSURE: 0,73 psi(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 326,3 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<330<651 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +14/+104 °F   A complete automatic solution for biogas upgrading and biomethane grid injection consisting… Continue reading UVG315/VG250-Spain


BIOGAS COMPRESSOR VG15 LOCATION: MEXICOFLUID: Dry natural gasPOWER INSTALLED: 20 hp INLET PRESSURE: 8,7-29 psi(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 304,6 bar(g)FLOW RATE: 0<44<47 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +14/+104 °F Screw dry natural gas compressor installed in a hydrogen production plant in Mexico. Designed in compliance with north american standards, suitable for outdoor installation, air-cooled, completed with fine filtration, mechanical by-pass valve and controlled by S1-20.


BIOMETHANE COMPRESSOR VG55 LOCATION: GermanyFLUID: BiomethanePOWER INSTALLED: 100 hpINLET PRESSURE: 1,5 psi(g)MAXIMUM OPERATING PRESSURE: 210,3 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<199 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +14/+104 °F Screw natural gas compressor air cooled for Bio­-LNG production plant installed in Germany. It is Designed for classified Atex Zone 2 for outdoor installation and completed with fine oil removal.


CO2 COMPRESSOR VG200 LOCATION: KazakistanFLUID: CO2POWER INSTALLED: 300 hpINLET PRESSURE: 2,6 psi(g)MAXIMUM OPERATING PRESSURE: 101,5 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<1869 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +37,4/+104 °F Two screw compressors for carbon dioxide application for the chemical industry. The compressors are water-cooled and installed indoors.


NATURAL GAS COMPRESSOR VG132 LOCATION: GermanyFLUID: Natural GasPOWER INSTALLED: 220 hpINLET PRESSURE: 4,4 psi(g)OPERATING PRESSURE:  246,6 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<486 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -4/+104 °F Screw natural gas compressor for Kawasaki gas turbine feeding. It is designed for classified Atex Zone 2 for outdoor installation with flow regulation through inverter, slide valve and electro pneumatic by-pass. It is… Continue reading VG132-Germany


NATURAL GAS COMPRESSOR VG250 LOCATION: RomaniaFLUID: Natural GasPOWER INSTALLED: 430 hpINLET PRESSURE: 72,5 psi(g)MAXIMUM OPERATING PRESSURE:  391,6 psi(g)FLOW RATE: 0<1838 SCFMAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +23/+104 °F Screw natural gas compressor water cooled for Solar Turbomach gas turbine feeding. Installed in paper mill facility in Romania, designed for classified Atex Zone 2 for indoor installation and completed with medium oil filtration.


NATURAL GAS COMPRESSOR VG75 LOCATION: ItalyPOWER: 100 hpWORKING PRESSURE: 256,7 psi(g)MAX FLOW RATE: 461 SCFM Screw natural gas compressor for gas turbine feeding. Designed for Atex zone 2, Air-cooled, medium olil filtration and equipped with PLC.

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